• Reset of table element
  • Color inherit for hr elements


  • Form elements’ focus outline (#24)
  • cursor: default when aria-disabled="false" (#26)
  • Optional style to hide content from screens but not screenreaders. More about here


Change from cssnano-cli to postcss-cli.



Removed optionated fill style from svg.

  • fill: currentColor when svg:not([fill])


Fix deprecated version of word-break


  • word-break: break-word to word-break: normal #19, thanks to @matteobad.





  • Remove duplicated rule for [type="search"]


:tada: Update with the latest version of Normalize.


  • Fill svg with the current color when fill is not set
  • tab-size: 4 to html
  • [N] Set text-transform: none for button
  • [N] outline-offset: -2px to [type="search"]
  • [N] Correct legend style
  • [N] height: 0 to hr
  • [N] width: 0 to [type="number"]::-webkit spin button


  • [N] Unnecessry normalization for general element
  • [N] text-decoration-skip from a.
  • [N] color: inherit from form elements
  • overflow-y: scroll in html
  • [N] width: auto from [type="number"]
  • audio:not([controls])
  • ::selection normalization


  • [N] border-style: none instead of 0 for moz-focus.
  • [N] abbr[title] style from border-bottom to text-decoration

[N]ormalize updates.


  • Also set background-repeat: no-repeat to pseudo elements (#14)


  • Add missing comma on button elements selector


:tada: New feature and updates from Normalize


  • [N] Correct the display of <summary> in all browsers
  • Apply cursor pointer to button elements - (#7)


  • [N] Placeholder normalization


  • Text selection color to improves a11y - Thanks @dcorb

[N]ormalize updates.


Just README updates and code comments


:zap: sanilize.css renamed to ress

Before Sanitize version 3.0.0 be released, I was thinking about removing the description “Merge between” from sanilize. Sanilize came with some deprecations that I wanted to keep and some new features that I wanted to remove.

Now with the release of Sanitize version 4.0.0 It’s time to a new way.

Since the fork of sanitize, my goal with this project is to make a modern reset with crossbrowsers normalization. Now, ress has your own features and resets which you can use and customize.

The new cool features are documented in the README. The source code is clean and pretty documented, you can read it to learn something :smile:



  • Remove unnecessary comments to keep the code clean
  • Remove list-style: none; from nav ul, nav ol
  • Remove -ms-overflow-style: -ms-autohiding-scrollbar from html


Updates from normalize 4.1.1


  • Normalize placeholder styles in Edge, Chrome, and Safari with Firefox
  • Normalize file select buttons
  • Remove gaps in links underline in iOS 8+ and Safari 8+


  • Remove unnecessary specificity in inputs


  • Correct the outline of search inputs in Chrome and Safari
  • Limit Firefox focus normalization to buttons


Updates from normalize.css 4.0.0


  • Correct inconsistent overflow for hr in Edge and IE.
  • Correct legend text wrapping not present in Edge and IE.


  • Opinionated table resets.
  • Opinionated pre overflow.


  • Opinionated style of outline-width for a:active and a:hover.
  • Update normalization of border-style for img.
  • Update normalization of color inheritance for legend.